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Silk - the most beautiful of all textile fibers is acclaimed as the queen of textiles. It comes from the cocoon of the silk worm and requires a great deal of handling and processing, which makes it one of the most expensive fibers.Today China is the leading silk producer of the world. Other major silk producing countries include Japan, India and Italy.

Characteristics of Silk

Silk is very strong in terms of tensile strength, meaning it can withstand a lot of pulling type pressure without breaking. This should not, however, be confused with wear ability or abrasion resistance. Silk will not stand up to the heavy wear that other fibers will.
Silk can take on many different appearances. A raw silk fabric may fool you into thinking that it is cotton or synthetic. The more refined the silk and the smaller the yarn, the more it
Four Varieties of Natural Silk
A wide range of silk fabrics are produced at different production centers both Handloom and Powerlooms. A brief account of the range of fabrics is furnished below, as is known by its popular names.

Mulberry Varieties

Some important mulberry varieties are discussed below

                                                              (a) Plain Silk Fabrics

A range of thin silk to deluxe qualities are produced in this category using filature. Fabrics ranging from 20 gm to 70 gm are produced in this category using both handloom as well as powerloom. The fabrics is available as per the requirements in different shades as well as in checks and stripes. Beautiful pin stripes are a specialty for shirting. Plain silk is mostly used by exporters for making ladies blouses, fashion garments, made-ups and scarves. Deluxe and super deluxe qualities are also produced as per specific orders.

Maria Carey in Plain Silk Fabri

  (b) Dupion Fabrics

A specialty of Bangalore Handlooms, Dupion is the craze of the west. Produced out of twisted filature warp and dupion weft is available in different quality ranges and shades. Dupion checks and stripes are elegant in look. Mainly used for dress material and cushion covers and furnishings, dupion is a popular name among the overseas silk importers.

Celin Dion in Dupion Fabrics
                                                  (c) Charka Silk
Using filature in warp and Charka in weft a thicker fabric is made on handlooms. For most of the zari decorative sarees charka yarn is popularly used by the sari manufactures.

Queen Latifah in Charka couture gown.
                                                     (d) Chiffon

Using highly twisted yarn, a thin but strong fabric is produced on power looms, which after processing and finishing attains a soft and smooth texture. Chiffons are used for varied end-uses for ladies garments and scarves/stoles.

                                              Amina Design the White Fabric is Silk Satin

The Chiffon Silk dress available at Amina Design

                                                           (f) Crepe

Produced from 2-ply twisted yarn of 's' and 'z' twist and woven on power loom, crepe is used for varied uses. Mysore crepe saris are very popular in domestic and export front.
There are also chinnon silk and Murshidabad Silk.
Jesca Alba in Crepe Silk
                                                  (g) Organza

A very thin fabric produced from highly twisted yarn. After a starchy finish the fabric gets a rough texture. Organza is used as sari material as well as for embroidered garments.


First Lady Michelle Obama in Silk organza gown

The one and only Oprah in blue organza silk dress

Beyonce in Organza Silk
                                                               (h) Satin

Silk satins are a popular variety of fabric used for a varied end use. When made into dresses satin gives an elegant Look. Banarasi Satin Saris are popular for export and domestic markets.

Elegant designer Silk Satin

                                            Kim Kardashian Inspired Simple Silk Satin 

Elegant satin flowers one shoulder short silk
                                                              (i) Tabby Silk
A type of plain silk fabric produced in Kashmir. Tabby silk is mostly used for printed saris and scarves.

Jennifer Lopez in Tabby 

 (k) Matka Fabric 
Using Matka yarn for both warp and weft, a thicker fabric is produced mostly for furnishing. The fabric mostly produced in Bhagalpur is a very popular export item at present. By using multiple yarns the texture and thickness of the fabrics can be modified according to the end use.

Kim Kardashian in Matka Fabrics

Amina Design

"I support Tanzania Asthma Foundation" DO YOU?
"I support Tanzania Asthma Foundation" DO YOU? Amina Design
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